Plastic Formers Limited have been supplying fabricated, moulded and engineered plastic components to all branches of trade and industry since the company’s inception some 50 years ago.

Over this period we have gathered together a highly competent work force, whose knowledge and experience is keenly attuned to our client’s requirements.

As most people are aware, the range of plastics is quite extensive and we are fully conversant when working with all of the well-known plastics and most of those not so well-known.

Innovation Down To The Last Detail

We are specialists in the manufacture, processing and design of plastic products for industry and trade – founded in Manchester (UK) almost half a century ago. At this time all manufacturing and processing procedures for the various plastics were in operation including bending, moulding, milling and sawing. However, an economical solution for the creation of filigree contours and smooth cut edges was needed if the product range was to be expanded. The suitability of the usual machining methods was very limited and involved expensive reworking.

Plastic Formers Ltd invested in its first acrylic laser cutting bed fifteen years ago which opened up the possibilities to make use of its decades of experience in manufacturing new products.

Shortly afterwards we invested in a second system to meet the increasing demand for new laser cut items

Today Plastic Formers Ltd has a total of 6 laser systems, which puts us in a position to offer innovative solutions, especially for PMMA, from the design stage to manufacture – in large quantities and with short lead times.

Our state-of-the-art acrylic laser cutting facility is probably the best in Europe, maybe the world. Our six laser cutting system is ideal for the manufacture of high-quality acrylic products with an almost unbeatable accuracy of detail, excellent quality, a wide range of applications and flexibility of performance.

Design, Development and Delivery

Plastic Formers Ltd can guide you and your small sketched idea or fully developed 3D cad design from paper or cad file into a prototype for review, then once the design has been signed off, production and delivery. You can use our site which may spark even more ideas.

So far this year we have used

157290 kg
of acrylic
31605 kg
of petg
19110 kg
plastic recycled (100%)
367.5 km
laser distance travelled

Our Clients

We have lots of experience working with a wide range of brands.


Latest News

Keeping you up to date with our latest industry news.

Helping them on the frontline!

Plastic Formers has manufactured bespoke face visors for our NHS to make sure they are well equip to fight the virus first hand, We have also been manufacturing personal protection screens for a range of supermarkets to one off bespoke screens for small shops.


Spooky Printing.............

As most of our customers already know at the end of every month we manufacture a giveaway. To us, it's the little things that count. We look at these as being used for awards, plaques and many more.