Vacuum Forming is one of are specialist jobs we undertake, from design, prototype, production tool, trim tool and finished items. We have  highly skilled workforce that can cater for large and small production batches. We use the latest computer controlled vacuum forming machines in tandem with are 5 axis cnc trimming machine.

Vacuum Forming and 5 Axis CNC trimming

With over 50 years of thermo forming experience and with our computer controlled twin heater machines we can form High Impact Styrene (HIPS), Polycarbonate, ABS, PETG and PVC plastics.

With our in-house 5 axis CNC tooling and trimming machine we are able to design and machine tools, form and trim from start to finish.

What we use every day

1500 kg
of acrylic
300 kg
of petg
180 kg
plastic recycled (100%)
3.5 km
laser distance travelled

Our Clients

We have lots of experience working with a wide range of brands.


Latest News

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Helping them on the frontline!

Plastic Formers has manufactured bespoke face visors for our NHS to make sure they are well equip to fight the virus first hand, We have also been manufacturing personal protection screens for a range of supermarkets to one off bespoke screens for small shops.


Spooky Printing.............

As most of our customers already know at the end of every month we manufacture a giveaway. To us, it's the little things that count. We look at these as being used for awards, plaques and many more.